this is a screenshot of my google analytics, a service that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website.

taipei is leading right now with 36 visits, which is probably the efforts of myself+my mother, austin comes in second with 14 visits, myself again. nothing surprising. bangkok is third with 6 visits(thanks to my thai friend nuch i’m guessing?). i think i’m most surprised by the istanbul taking 10th with 3 visits. i guess i have a turkish fan.

and one visit from sudan, what?

oh the wonders of google and google analytics. anyways, thank you all visitors(*cough* myself and my mom)!

small ceen. Château de Versailles. 2011.


typical conversation. berlin. 2011.

come play with me in taipei please.


4 individuals(one is the black blob climbing in the top left corner), 1 bike, 1 empty amphitheater, infinite love for traveling

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concluded our night at the daan forest park with some painful feet massages

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went to shilin night market for some snowy ice, we got 情人果(pickled mango?) and taro flavors to share.

as i looked around, i remembered that every year i see people ordering the green tea red bean flavor and think to myself: next year i have to get that flavor but always forget. so after we devoured the first two we gave in to green tea red bean. and it did not disappoint my high expectations.

all you can eat vegetarian food with fellow couchsurfers stephanie(another foodie, big hungry girl and taiwanese blogs fan), jonathan(always camera ready model), and tim(the unphotographed vegetarian biker).

stephanie, jonathan, and i discussed how this is our first time using couchsurfing as a tool to meet other friends in the city as opposed to surfing or hosting. like me, stephanie also goes to school in the states but comes back to our beloved country taiwan every break and wanted more friends to hang out with. it is nice to hang out with other couchsurfers creating a network of similarly minded and passionate individuals. well done, couchsurfing creators!

as a coffee shop lover, i was dying to try coffee alley after seeing it on hungry girl’s guide to taipei twice. and of course there was a long wait on a random monday afternoon.

hungry girl recommended the cotton candy with ice cream and espresso which had already ran out when i got there, which was only 4 hours after they’ve been open! oh and i dig their newsletter style menu design.

(source: hungry girl)

i guess i’ll have to revisit.

national palace museum

national palace museum. the most touristy place i’ve been to in taiwan and hopefully the last. nothing annoys me more than a sea of chinese tourists with their chinese accents and their rude manners.

ceen emailed us a picture of mother and papi from the 80’s that she found(top left)

my angelic brother goes what the heck? who is that?
papi goes it’s your ceen and sees.

if we put a bun on my dad’s head it is literally me, and ceen is mother all the time with or without specs, with or without cornrows

so i went ahead and created this collage for everyone’s enjoyment:

then vs. now, parents vs. us

merry christmas to my dearly missed ceen in st. louis from our home country, taiwan. and to all my followers and friends. hope you like.

love, your sis/wu

sporting my new black coat from a store called secret service found in Eslite bookstore, they carried swedish brand cheap monday, french brand devastee, danish brand henrik vibskov, british brand beyond the valley, and more.

update: my mother thinks i look amish in my coat

(source: culture and diversity)

for those who don’t follow me on instagram:

me and a fellow couchsurfer, jonathan, went to the tea shop smith & hsu together, recommended by my dearly missed sis, ceen.

who has her own tumblr now:
it is quite awesome. 

anyways smith & hsu had over 100 loose leaf teas, and over 80 for you to sample before making the hardest decision of choosing one. we went with a fruity all blend vanilla tea and african rooibos herbal tea. we talked about traveling over delicious tea, what a day.

the tea shop/store was furnished with Hans Wegner’s wishbone/Y chair which is why i had to pay a visit. whether they were the real ones or not, i will have to speculate upon my next visit. 

(source: smith and hsu)

we took a walk around david’s beautifully green college campus afterwards and stumbled upon this mighty rock. i couldn’t resist but to climb on it and struggled to get off of it afterwards.


good food and lovely silverware. 

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